My Blog covers four main themes.

FOOD                                           RESTAURANTS                        WINE & WINE TRIPS


I’m passionate about the simple pleasures derived from discovering new food and wine experiences whether they be a new coffee shop or a great wine adventure. Encouraged by like minded friends to share these discoveries the result is this Blog.

My ad hoc wine tours will be posted in real time enabling followers to get a real feel for the discoveries and excitement I experience whilst on tour. By contrast I will post reviews by category under the food, restaurant or wine topics on a more regular basis. The aim is to share information on anything food and wine wise that piques my interest. I’m particularly keen to champion my “food heroes”. Those dedicated to the production and sale of produce with great provenance. For example restaurants that champion local produce or actually name the type of breed or source of their produce or wine producers that try to reduce their carbon footprint by packaging their precious vino in a more environmentally sensitive way. I’m also keen to share websites that I find helpful in discovering new food and wine experiences so look out for the hyperlinks.