Grub Club – Pop Up At Billingsgate Market Supper

A great way to start my Blog! Went to my first ever Pop-Up night last Saturday via the Grub Club. Check out their website . I also met the charming Liv co-founder of  Grub Club who came along to check out the evening. It was held in the iconic Billingsgate Fish Market near Canary Wharf and was laid out a little like a posh street party with long tables with tablecloths between the various fish stalls on a Saturday evening when the market was closed.

Catered by the talented CJ Jackson and her team from the Billingsgate Seafood School, the atmosphere was really informal and had the added bonus of a BYO licence. So we opted to pop into the nearby Gaucho in Canary Wharf to pick up a couple of bottles of nicely chilled Argentinian wines to accompany dinner.

This is one of the best kept secrets of the BYO world that Gaucho’s full wine list is available for take away at reduced take away prices typically at lest 30% below restaurant price and with the added advantage of picking up a chilled wine close to the BYO restaurant.

Down to the food! Started off with a couple of Irish Oyster “Shots” and a scoop of “shell on prawns”. Next up was a cold sharing platter of homemade Gravadlax cured with beetroot ( My favourite!)

Homemade Gravadlax, Marinated Anchovies and Sampfire

Homemade Gravadlax, Marinated Anchovies and Sampfire

home cured anchovies with lemon, oil and marjoram  and salted pollack brandade, followed by a Morrocan inspired sustainable cuttlefish with harissa and chick peas and  aioli. To round off the main course we were served grilled mackerel with chilli and ginger on a herb salad. My BYO wine choice from Gaucho was a 2014 Cafayate Salta Torrontes ( High altitude 1750m) which complemented the fish perfectly.

As the evening drew to a close CJ and her team served us a local version of the classic summer dessert of cream, meringue and strawberries titled “East End Mess”! My BYO selection for this (again from Gaucho) was a divine and rich Luigi Bosca Granos Nobles Gewurtztraminer which again partnered the sweetness of the dessert and was the perfect end to the meal.

A brilliant evening with entertaining and interesting company. I definitely recommend you check out Grub Glub and the Billingsgate Seafood School!.






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