Monmouth Coffee and more…..



As I’ve said in a previous Tripadvisor Review ( you can also read my other reviews under my Tripadvisor handle  Timtravels2012 TripAdvisor Profile) , I love this place! It’s a regular haunt whenever  I’m in the Beaconsfield area. Any coffee shop’s stock in trade is the provenance of its beans! These guys know their also ran blends from the good stuff and so unlike the lemming like masses that are seduced by the blandness of Costabucks if you visit Benedicts Store you will be rewarded with a coffee created from Monmouth roast beans. I like their flat whites (see photo) , it’s the perfect balance of silky creaminess from the fat in the milk and the rich roast of the coffee. They also do a great range of toasted sandwiches, homemade cakes and those delightful Lisboan delicacies Pastel de Nata.



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