We’ve Arrived In Provence!

We dined simply in the village somewhat exhausted after our busy trek through the Rhone valley. We found a village cafe/restaurant called Le Regain in the heart of the village

Le Regain Village Restaurant

Le Regain Village Restaurant

and only a few minutes walk from our base for the next 5 days , the stunning Hostellerie Berard and Spa

We opted for the salade de maison which was a huge bowl of mixed leaves from bitter radicchio to peppery mizuna bound in a house dressing with sweet provencale tomatoes, radishes and cucumber. This was topped off with prosciutto and mozzarella. To accompany this we opted for a crisp locally produced white wine from Domaine Bastide Blanche a great find which we planned to visit the next day.

Dessert was a no brainer as we had been carefully watching the locals to see what was the favourite and the clear winner was the Feuilliete Framboise

Feuillete Framboise

Feuillete Framboise

After a short stroll through the bustling village we slumped into our beds and slept like babies…


6 thoughts on “We’ve Arrived In Provence!

    • Thanks Marie for your feedback. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Blog. Let me know if there’s any areas for improvement too as I’m continuously looking for ways to improve the site


    • Hi Susie! Be happy to share some suggestions for your next Birthday trip! The boot of the car is filling up nicely! Thank goodness for the EU and virtually no restrictions on what you can bring home!


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