Real Patisserie – It’s the Real Thing!

I really envy the residents of Kemp Town, Brighton. The district has always had a hip and metrosexual feel about it but in the last few years it’s also become for me the epicentre of all that’s great in food and wine in Brighton.

It boasts a great butchers, an eclectic wine merchants, and a heavenly French styled bakery the Real Patisserie .

Everytime I’m working down in Brighton any thoughts of a healthy low carb lunch go out of the window as I drive down St. George’s Rd and I start to salivate at the thought of what delicious treats are in store for me that day.

I had resolved to Blog about this iconic gem 2 months ago before my last food and wine trip but events overtook me as they do. On that occasion I had a delicious salmon, leek, egg and tomato tart.

Salmon And Leek Tart

Salmon And Leek Tart

These are always served on little wooden board and there’s a small benched seating area where you can dine communal style.

Yesterday I was seduced by the courgette, mushroom, bacon and Brie Tart.

Courgette and Brie Tart

Courgette and Brie Tart

The pastry as always was rich and crisp, the filling goey but with an al dente bite from the courgette and a wonderful savoury flavour!

Apart from their selection of Tarts and Quiches, they offer a selection of Croque Monsieurs (my favourite is the mushroom and spinach with truffle oil) using their own French style baked bread, pizzas, sausage rolls and a vast range of patisserie and pastries.

Of note is their legendary chocolate and almond croissant that are unsurpassed by anything I have ever found in France and worth the 1 hour and 20 minute drive to Brighton on a weekend on their own!

The Bread Selection!

The Bread Selection!

Then there’s the selection of breads which range from multi grain, to rye and caraway and to chewy white, not forgetting their traditional sourdough and baguettes.

If that really inspires you to want to get creative in a home baking way, you can even join one of their monthly Sunday bread making courses, details available on the weblink above. They are great fun and good value at £60 per person including lunch.

The Real Patisserie, once bitten forever smitten!


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