Dorset Cream Tea at Cilla and Camilla’s

Down in the beautiful West Dorset countryside for a flying visit to assist my in laws this weekend. I brought my trusty Macbook and was hoping for a bit of Blogging time. One of the trade offs for leaving the Metropolis is that for every 10 miles west of London you travel you decrease the chance of getting a decent free Wifi signal by 10%!

In one last act of Blogging desperation, I headed into the nearby town of Beaminster. A charming place and once home to foraging Masterchef winner Matt Folas’ first restaurant venture the Wild Garlic.

It’s been about 12 months since I’ve been down here and the stylish Cilla and Camilla’s boutique gift shop came to this Blogger’s rescue in form of their newly opened tea shop at the rear of the store.

It had been a fairly typical damp and dismal day of that fine Dorset rain so as I sat at the nicely finished cafe table in the coffee shop the clouds parted and I saw my first glimpse of blue sky! The soothing smooth jazz tones of Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto provided ambient background music and I was starting to feel nicely at home in this little Dorset oasis.

A quick glance at their menu revealed the must have option of the classic Dorset cream tea.

Dorset cream Tea

Dorset cream Tea

Within a few minutes a warm fruit scone arrived with a generous portion of artery clogging clotted cream and fruity strawberry jam.

I then settled down to the serious business of writing,  contented and relaxed and looking forward to my next visit to Dorset!.


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