Do The Strand!

No I’m not compelling you to attempt the dance that is the theme of this Roxy Music classic from 1973 or its 30 years later cover by German synth pop band Alphaville. The Strand Dining Rooms is a restaurant located within Grand Buildings at 1-3 Strand, with an envious view of the most iconic of London landmarks , Nelson’s Column.

The Strand Dining Rooms is located in the former atrium of Grand Buildings, which was largely taken up with an amazing fountain with goldfish in it! In case you are curious as to how I came by this factoid, my wife used to work in Grand Buildings many years ago! Obviously the rising value of central London prime real estate has done away with such flights of fancy!

On this cold and damp November morning, I had some time to kill before heading off to a meeting and fancied breakfast at this venue. I had heard mixed reviews so thought it would be worth satisfying my curiosity.

A cursory glance at the breakfast menu already had my interest piqued. Apart from the breakfast staples of pastries and the usual full English there were a number of enticing treats on offer. I was taken by the moderately healthy option of Smoked Salmon, Poached Eggs, Avocado and Lightly Grilled Tomatoes. At just over the £10 limit I set myself for breakfast this seemed a little indulgent but when the food arrived it was well worth the spend!

Smoked Salmon and Poached Eggs

Buttered toasted sourdough bread, perfectly poached eggs ,runny yolks , firm whites , tastefully garnished with chopped chives. A generous helping of smoked salmon and an avocado that was ripe but not mushy! Overall a solid performance across the board. Backed up with great service! Spacious tables to allow you to spread out rather than the picnic table affairs that are so common in central London.

One of my real bug bears about the this great city is that so often venues with eclectic views, position or location exploit that with overpriced underwhelming food. Then Strand Dining Rooms definitely hit the mark in the breakfast department and looking at their 3 course Best of British dinner menu for £34.50 I think it won’t be long before I return to try out their dinner offering!


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