A Posh picnic and a view to die for!

Our arrival in Cape Town was no less spectacular than this beautiful city itself! We were greeted warmly at arrivals by two young women from the Gold restaurant who gave us each a welcome gift of a traditional bead necklace, we’d meet them again when we dined at Gold later that evening … See next Blog on that evening.

As we exited the Terminal, the heat of the African sun warmed us like a soft brioche in an oven. Any thoughts of England an damp and grey Sunday that we had left behind were forgotten in a heartbeat.

Our next stop was the famous Signal Hill landmark which is one of the many great vantage points from which to view the vistas of the city and the iconic Table Mountain. As we walked to the picnic area we were again greeted with the sound of traditional Khosa singing and dancing and handed a glass of the local fizz, known as MCC. 

Before you even ask this has absolutely nothing to do with Marylebone Cricket Club, Lords or St.John’s Wood! It has everything to do with a methods traditionelle sparkling wine called “Method Cap Classic”. Usually made from a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, this was the perfect way to start our picnic.

The hilltop was festooned with an array of picnic blankets and brightly coloured cushions all shaded from the searing heat by the canvas sails of some large umbrellas. A huge Pandora’s box of tempting treats was there waiting to yield to our lunchtime hunger! Switching to a crisp Sauvignon from the Iona estate we tucked into a picnic of Greek salad with artichokes, thin slices of cold slow cooked lamb, homemade foie gras parfait, and divine little goats cheese tarts with spinach and pine nuts. 

To indulge further we were treated to a selection of local cheeses, a Brie, a Blue and a Cheddar all in perfect condition with some crusty baguette.  Saving the best till last, we were given little cellophane bags of mostly homemade confectionery, the highlight of which was a slab of blood sugar rising fudge….. Delicious !

We all felt the need for a quick stroll taking in the views to ensure that we would have room for our seven course African themed dinner later that evening.


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