This City is Awesome! Cape Town adventures continued

After the amazing welcome picnic on Signal Hill we made the short transfer back to our hotel. I’d seen photos of the One and Only, Cape Town but nothing really prepares you for the 5 star luxury and amazing service that this paradise has to offer.

We checked into our room and instantly felt compelled to take in this view from the balcony.


Table Mountain stands majestically above the luxury hotels and apartments that surround the Waterfront area. Their Spa is located just behind the buildings in the front of this photo and just behind them a warm heated infinity pool with a cool lakeside bar!

Keen to start tan maxing and get in a quick swim before we headed off to Table Mountain we packed in 30 mins by the pool before our transfer to the cable car station.

On that Monday we were truly blessed with the optimum conditions for our visit to the summit. The day before the top of the mountain had been draped in a ‘Tablecloth” of fluffy clouds and the day after we visited the high winds had threatened to suspend the cable car ascent!

As we all packed into the cable car we were assured of its safety due to its Swiss provenance and we needn’t have worried about getting the best vantage point as the floor moved through 360 degrees as it ascended the mountain to afford everyone on board a great view!



Considerably cooler and eerily quite at the top we were afforded some truly stunning views of the city and Robben Island.

A drinks reception had been laid on at the summit, so whilst we drank a chilled glass of the Groot Constantia Semillon/Chardonnay we were both fascinated and curious at these little creatures!


Now like me you might think that someone was winding you up if they told you that these “Dassies” aren’t rodents, despite their oversized guinea pig like appearance, they are in fact the closest living relatives of the elephant!!

After taking in the stunning views and the amusing antics of a colony of Dassies in front of us on the rocks we headed back to the cable car for our descent.

When we reached the bottom we were disappointed to find that our coach transfer had broken down but an alternative “local” bus had been diverted along with several passengers on route to one of the townships from the city!

We entered the bus and sat next to one of the locals who said he’d been at work all day and was looking to get home to his family. Half way further down the mountain all 5 locals stood up and we could not have been prepared for what happened next!

Cape Town Flashmob on a Bus!

As you can see we all joined in and everyone just burst out laughing as the a cappella lead Phillip broke into the opening lines of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight!”

Shortly afterwards we pulled up outside the Gold Restaurant, Cape Town

This African themed restaurant was amazing with drumming, face painting (Dean and Helen, looking very tribal!)


and a tasting menu featuring all the countries that you can see on the map of Africa below


Highlights were as follows. Spicy chicken wings, can’t remember origin, carrots with star anise from Zanzibar, Congolese spinach, Groundnut chicken and South African smoked fish cakes! They served a delicious Delaire Graff 2015 Coastal Sauvignon Blanc that had the right amount of acidity to work with the spicy food!

As we slumped into our beds at the end of the first day it didn’t take us long to fall into a very deep sleep!










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